Sorrel and Beetroot
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  • No Artificial colours in our products.
  • Natural colours consistent with natural ingredients.
  • Nattyroots brings an experience very unique with its products. There is nothing refreshing as Nattyroots.
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Welcome to Natty Roots

Nattyroots is a drinks company based in Belper, Derbyshire UK. As a company we take pride in creating the highest quality premium products.

We intend to produce a variety of refreshing drinks to be marketed under the Nattyroots brand.
Our mission is to be the number 1 producer of ital (healthy) juices and excellent satisfactory products in the non alcoholic beverage sector.

Nattyroots was created because the founder and creator having been a chef found it very hard to buy refreshing drinks which wasn’t saturated in sugar, additives, excessive colouring, E numbers etc.

After careful consideration the first choice of drink was to recreate a festive and seasonal drink known as Sorrel enjoyed in Jamaica, the rest of the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.